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Sparrow Healthcare Recruitment™ provides retained, contingent, and RPO talent acquisition services to a wide range of healthcare organizations including non-profit and private practice.





For hiring managers seeking zero upfront financial risk and willing to forgo recruitment marketing/employer branding, data transparency, and project reporting.

Retained/Executive Search

For hiring managers seeking to minimize the financial risk of a resource intensive search while reaping the benefits of a modern recruitment marketing strategy, we offer a dedicated SourceCon Academy-trained sourcing specialist, full data transparency, and robust project reporting with an 8 week average time-to-fill. 

Recruiter On-Demand/RPO

For hiring managers open to reasonable financial risk exposure for the reward of a high quality process and low cost-per-hire, Sparrow’s Recruiter On-Demand process provides a modern recruitment marketing strategy, a dedicated SourceCon Academy trained sourcing specialist, full data transparency, and robust project reporting with an 8 week average time-to-fill.  


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Sparrow Healthcare Recruitment is led by Matthew Burzon, SHRM-SCP, a multi-talented recruitment professional and founder of Talon Recruitment, Talon RPO, and the Source and Recruit Co. Family of Staffing Brands. Matt’s healthcare recruitment experience spans consulting engagements with more than 50% of the hospitals in Vermont and includes being a trusted resource for the State of Vermont Department of Health. Sparrow’s lead healthcare sourcing specialists Samantha Hemingway and Erika Evarts deserve the bulk of the credit and have tremendous impact on a wide variety of healthcare searches throughout New England and beyond.


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